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Commercial Pest Control

Flies, mosquitoes, spiders, roaches and rodents are always unwanted guests in your home, but these pests are just as irritating and possibly just as dangerous in the commercial world, especially if you are in the restaurant business.

Commercial Pest Control truck, Carolina Exterminating. Charleston, SCCarolina Exterminating can solve any pest problem, from snakes and raccoons to rats, mice, all types of roaches, termites, gnats, fire ants and mosquitoes. In the Lowcountry, where outdoor dining is common year-round, flies represent an especially sticky situation for restaurant owners and their patrons. Fortunately, Carolina Exterminating has come up with a fly management program that virtually eliminates the need to swat flies away with one hand while trying to enjoy a plate of shrimp ’n grits or a bowl of she crab soup with the other.

More than 30 satisfied restaurant owners in the Charleston area are already keeping their customers fly-free with the innovative program developed by Carolina Exterminating. And with over 17 years of experience in the Lowcountry, Carolina Exterminating has the expertise to deal with just about any problem that has to do with unwanted rodents and unwelcome insects.

At Carolina Exterminating, we know all about termites, rats, mice, squirrels and the host of flying and crawling insects that seek food and shelter in your commercial business. We’ll develop a plan specific to your building, whether it’s old or new, built of wood, stone or metal and located in downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner or anywhere else in the tri-county area. Every building is unique, and every pest control plan should be unique as well.

Of course, we’ll work around your business hours, providing our services, as much as possible, when your customers aren’t around. And, based on thorough inspections, we’ll let you know exactly what is going on by supplying you with detailed reports, complete with digital photographs. Most importantly, we will focus on the source of your insect or rodent problem, solve the problem as quickly as possible and make sure your unwanted guests don’t return.

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